Diamond appearance

Can be also called as "Dream Crystal", "Gem" or " Ruby". The diamonds are the famous symbol of the series that appears in every official Giana Sister game (including fangames).


Blue diamondEdit

  • Not very much to say about the blue diamond. In the Amiga 500 port, the blue diamond appears red.

Red diamondEdit

The Diamond of Souls Edit

  • It only appears in the unofficial MSX2 port, as it can only be seen at the end of the game. It plays the same role as the big diamond found at the climax of level 33. (Great DeGaulle Stone).

Yellow diamondEdit

  • Appears in Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, it can only be collected with Cute Giana.

Big diamondEdit

  • Appears in Giana Sisters DS, it give you 10 diamonds.

Giant diamondEdit

  • Appears in Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, it give you a new gallery artwork.

Great DeGaulle StoneEdit

How it is usedEdit


Diamonds evolution

  • In The Great Giana Sisters and Giana Sisters DS, It give you an extra life when you collect 100 diamonds.
  • In Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, it gives you star points when you collect many diamonds. The more diamonds you collect, more star points you get.
  • In Giana Sisters: Dream Runners, collecting a big diamond nets you a piece of concept art accessed in the in-game gallery.