Dream Land Title Screen

The title screen

Dream Land (referred to as Drem Land in the title screen) is a clone of The Great Giana Sisters developed by Classic Room in March 2018. The clone re-uses most of the sprites from the original game and the question mark block from a C64 hack of The Great Giana Sisters, but it is been recolored slightly.

Unlike the original game, Dream World seems to incorporate more elements from the original Super Mario Bros, such as the Bullet Bills which were recolored to not have a face at all, and Piranha Plants being added to the pipes. But it included some features that are exclusive such enemy that resembles a clock which will give you extra-time when hit by a dream bubble.

Gameplay Edit

The player takes the role of a boy who resembles Giana. He needs to go through 32 levels to find the biggest Diamond in order to escape from the Dreamword that he's trapped in.


Fire WheelEdit

  • It gives you ability to break blocks from below.


  • It gives you the ability to shoot Dream Bubbles.


  • Unlike the original, it will gives you more time instead of freezing enemies onscreen.


  • It gives you an extra life.

Bad Fire WheelEdit

  • Similar to the poison mushroom from SMB2:TLL. If you touch it, you die. It have the same appearance of the Fire Wheel, but with dark colors.

Video Edit

Dream Land ( great giana sisters clone )

Dream Land ( great giana sisters clone )


Little Sara SisterDream Land