The "Out of time" screen from the Atari ST port

The Game Over theme is the unused soundtrack from The Great Giana Sisters on the C64 port. Like indicating it name, it used for a game over music. In Giana Sisters DS and Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, it was replaced by a jingle theme.


02 Title Screen
In The Amiga 500 port, we can hear this song in the main theme. But the pitch is a bit high and it unclude a little jingle theme.
Out of Time Final Boss - The Great Giana Sisters - Atari ST Music
In The Atari ST port, we can hear this song. It is used when time is up and it is also used in the last level.
In Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, it was used as an overworld theme (in-game3) and can be hear in the first level.


  • We can hear this song on some levels in some hacks of The Great Giana Sisters (such as Gitty's Dreams 2 and The Great Giana Sisters 2).