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Giana's appearance in Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams.
Race Human
Gender Female
Nationality Italian
Current residence Milan, Italy
Hair color Blond (Cute)
Red/Purple (Punk)
Eyes color Cyan (Cute)
Purple (Punk)
Debut The Great Giana Sisters (overall)
Giana Sisters DS (modern)
Voice Actor Katie Leigh
Giana is the main protagonist of the Giana Sisters series. Since Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, she is able to switch between her "cute" persona and her "punk" persona.


For The Great Giana Sisters, See Giana (classic).

In Giana Sisters DS, Giana fell asleep while admiring her treasure chest. After a magical power emerged from the treasure chest, Giana wakes up and leaped off the bed, following her diamonds into the darkness. She suddenly found herself in the dream world, were all of her diamonds were scattered all around her. She had to travel the world to collect back her diamonds and return home with.

In Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, Giana and her sister Maria were busy in their bedroom then a diamond entered inside. Both sisters broke it, which created a portal and sucked Maria in. Giana entered into the portal leading to the dream world and discover her sister being swallowed by Gurglewocky. Giana had to travel again the dream world, avoiding her twisted obstacles, beating boss in her way, defeating the dragon to save Maria and return home with the diamonds Giana collected in the meantime.


Giana in her two personas, "Cute" Giana (left) and "Punk" Giana (right).

In Giana Sisters DS, Giana has short blond hair, just reaching her shoulders. She wears a blue dress with a white under-dress and wears red wristbands. She wears white and red shoes. As Punk Giana, her hair becomes red, grows in length and wears a loose pony tail. Her eyeliner becomes thicker. She wears a pink sweater with magenta sleeves and a purple skirt with a white skull. She has black and purple shoes.

In Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, Giana's skin became pale. Her dress became cyan and now she wears a blue belt. As Punk Giana, her sweater has variety of pink and purple stocking. She now wears a spiky black necklace in her wrists and brown gloves. In several artworks, she wears a sleeveless brown shirt and the end of her hair is purple.


Giana is a young teenager Italian girl that can switch between her two forms. She is shown to be playful and courageous. She travelled the Dream World to get back her diamonds and saving her sister Maria from Gurglewocky. In the Dream World, she likes to annoy owls by doing tricks with her twist ability, even if she still loves them and find them cute. She also loves collecting diamonds and tries to collect as many as possible. In the real world, she likes spending her time by playing with her plushes, enjoying her diamond necklace and even sleeping in class. But despite these, she's weak. She can't protect herself from her father and the bullies.

Giana can transform to her Punk persona only in the Dream World, with her twist ability or the Fire Wheel power-up. As Punk Giana, she is very mocking and abusive towards enemies, doesn't fool herself and just wants to smash things with her Fire Dash. She wishes to beat the kids that bullied her and her teacher that humiliated her in front of her class. Even as Punk, she cares about Maria.


Giana has several abilities:

  • Twist : Can be cute or punk, Giana can twist her dream. Sceneries changes appearance and platforms moves. The enemies also changes.
  • Twirl : Only Cute Giana has that ability. She's able to glide down as well as move left and right while slowly descending. Twisting won't stop the twirl.
  • Fire Dash : Only Punk Giana has that ability. She can curl up and ignites in a direction determined by the analog stick. She can also bouncing off solid blocks, defeating enemies and breaking bricks. Twisting won't stop the fire dash.


  • Maria : Giana's older sister. Not much known about their relationship, other than they care about each other a lot. In Twisted Dreams Giana travelled through a wormhole portal into a radically altered Gessert Kingdom to save Maria.
  • Giana's Father : Not much known about their relationship either. However, he's abusive to Giana.


  • Giana's modern design from Giana Sisters DS was made by Alexander Pierschel who also goes by the name of "Pikomi".
  • In Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, Giana and Maria are voiced by Katie Leigh, who is famous for voicing cartoon characters.
  • In the limited edition of Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, Giana had alternate skins for said edition. However, there is more skins that are exclusive to the GOG version of the game. Fortunately, pictures, renders and textures of those skins can be found online, which took years to be revealed again.
  • Her name doesn't pronounce "Guiana", Gaiana" or "Jaiana", but pronounce like "Jiana". It is confirmed by Black Forest Games themselves in a Facebook post.
  • Few fans confuse Punk Giana as Cute Giana's sister, Maria, due to her high presence being right next to her Cute persona in artworks and promotional arts.
  • As Doc Owl called her "Miss Sisters" in Owlicious Revenge from the Storybook of Giana Sisters: Dream Runners, it confirm Giana and Maria's last name is Sisters, just like the series's name.

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