Cute Giana
Race Human
Gender Female
Hair color Blond (Cute)
Red/Purple (Punk)
Eyes color Cyan (Cute)
Purple (Punk)
Debut Giana Sisters DS (modern)
Voice Actor Katie Leigh
Giana is the main protagonist character in all of the Giana Sisters games. In Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, she is able to change between her 'cute' persona and her 'punk' persona.

Appearance Edit


Giana in her two personas, 'cute' a Giana (left) and 'punk' Giana (right).

Giana has short blonde hair, just reaching her shoulders. Her skin is pale. She wears a cyan dress and wears red wrist bands. She wears white and red shoes. As 'punk Giana', her hair grows in length and she wears a very loose pony tail. Her eyeliner becomes thicker. She wears a lilac jumper, a black skirt complete with a variety of pink stockings and black and purple shoes.

Relationships Edit

Maria is Giana's sister. Not much known about her, but in Twisted Dreams Giana traveled through a wormhole portal into a radically altered Gessert Kingdom to save her sister.

Trivia Edit

  • Giana's modern design from Giana Sisters DS was made by Alexander Pierschel who also goes by the name of "Pikomi".


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