Giana (classic)
Race Human
Gender Female
Hair color Blonde (normal)
Blonde (in-game punk)
Red/Green (english box art punk)
Eyes color Blue
Debut The Great Giana Sisters (classic)
Voice Actor Unknown
Classic Giana (referred to as Gianna) is the classic appearance of the modern Giana. She have many design appearance in-games and box arts.


TGGS german box artEdit

  • Classic Giana has long blonde hair. Her skin is orange and beige and her lips are red. She wears a red t-shirt, wears a blue skirt and wears a black belt. She has blue eyes.

In-game (from Commodore 64)Edit

  • She has short blonde hair, just reaching her shoulders. Her lips are red. She wears red node, wears red t-shirt and wears blue skirt. She wears white shoes. As punk, she has long blonde hair, just reaching her legs. Her lips are red. She wears red sleeveless t-shirt, wears blue pants. She wears white shoes.


Maria (classic) is Classic Giana's sister. Not much known about her other than her appearing as a palette swap for the turn-based two player mode.


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