Giana Madness
Giana Madness Title Screen
Prototype title screen
Release 2002
Genre PLatform
Number of player 1 player
Developer(s) Poke53280
Publisher(s) Poke53280
Designer(s) Poke53280
Composer(s) Maybe Poke53280
Engine used DirectX
Platform(s) Windows
Giana Madness is an official cancelled 3D fangame for the PC based on The Great Giana Sisters developed by Poke53280 (now known as Jorg Winterstein) in 2002. It  has features incorporated from Mario 64.

It only features one level which is castle-themed as its map layout closely resembles Wolfenstein-3D levels. It was cancelled since the developers were focusing more on an upcoming game of Hurrican, a Turrican fangame released in 2007. 


  • There is a later prototype build of the game where it gives you the ability to jump, throw bombs, activate levers, push crates etc. But apparently, it is lost.
  • The game was also supposed to feature "arctic" types of levels that were planned, as evidenced from the music played on the demo.