Giana Sister C16 Title Screen

Title screen

Giana Sister is an obscure Commodore C16 Plus/4 port of The Great Giana Sisters developed by T+K Software in October 1989.

Unlike the original, it doesn't have any power-ups such as the Fire WheelsLightning bolts and Strawberries, and the levels are completely different. However, it contains exclusive obstacles such as crushers that Giana has to get through.

The game's objective is to collect 5 diamonds placed in each of the 5 levels at the game.


  • It is one of the ports of The Great Giana Sisters that are not developed by Time Warp Productions.


Giana Sisters - Commodore C16 Plus 4-1532275039

Giana Sisters - Commodore C16 Plus 4-1532275039

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