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Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams Comicbook is an comic series based of Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams available on Facebook. It is created by Tikwa. So far, there are currently 35 pages.

Characters featured in the entire comicEdit






Hansel and Gretel

Giana (classic)

Page 1 "Gotcha!"Edit

Episode 1 GOTCHA!
Giana : "Huge monster owls!

Giana : "BAM! Gotcha!"

Giana : "And another one! I am totally in hardcore mode!"

Maria : "Hey! Do i look like an owl?!"

Giana : "Maria? Watch out! This isn't "Free To Play"!"

Page 2 "Dragon!"Edit

Episode 2 DRAGON!
Giana : "What's that?"

Maria : "A magic Gem!"

Maria : "It can summon a dragon!"

Giana : "Cool!"

Gurglewocky : "Game over, baby!"

Giana : "Yikes! Maria!"

Giana : "Argh! Another one of those dreams!"

Maria : "From now on, no more video game before bedtime!"

Page 3 "Gem!"Edit

Episode 3 - Gems!
Giana : "In my dreams i hunt for magic gems..."

Giana : "They make me into a punk girl!"

Maria : "Not true! I have one and you're still cute!"

Giana : "Give me that!"

Maria : "Argh! It's true!"

Page 4 "Zwoop!"Edit

Episode 4 ZWOOP!
Maria : "Oh no!"

Giana : "We broke the dream gem!"

Maria : "What's that?"

Giana : "A wishing cloud! Quick, make a wish!"

Maria : "WAAH!"

Giana : "Now that was a silly wish!"

Page 5 "Crash!"Edit

Episode 5 CRASH!
Giana : "Maria, i will save you!"

Giana : "Whoa! Crash!"

Giana : "Yeah, smash!" Maria : "Grr..."

Page 6 "Release date!"Edit

Giana : "A new Adventure!"

Maria : "It's more like a nightmare!"

Maria : "Look!"

Giana : "Cool!"

Giana : "A gem cache!"

Maria : "I meant the warning sign!"

Page 7 "Monster!"Edit

Episode 7 MONSTER!
Giana : "Monster!"

Giana : "Gem power!"

Gurglewocky : "Monster!"

Page 8 "Forgot!"Edit

Episode 8 FORGOT!
Punk Giana : "Take that!"

Punk Giana : "Off you go!"

Punk Giana : "That was easy!"

Punk Giana : "Now what did i forget?"

Maria : "Help!"

Page 9 "Crush!"Edit

Episode 9 Crush!
Maria : "Giana! Help!"

Punk Giana : "Just wait! I will crush you!"

Blue owl : "Nope!"

Blue owl : "This way around is much better!"

Page 10 "Bossfight!"Edit

Episode 10 BOSSFIGHT
Blue owl : "You will never save your sister!"

Blue owl : "I shall stop you!"

Punk Giana : "Try it!"

Blue owl : "Why am i never the bossfight?"

Page 11 "Short break!"Edit

Episode 11 Short Break!
Punk Giana : "Nothing can stop me now!"

Punk Giana : "Oh!"

Cute Giana : "A short break for gems can't hurt..."

Page 12 "Flying!"Edit

Episode 12 Flying
Cute Giana : "Gems! Make me fly!"

Cute Giana : "Awesome, quickly off to my sister!"

Cute Giana : "I guess gems are only good for short stretches!"

Page 13 "Inside feelings!"Edit

Episode 13 Inside Feelings!
Cute Giana : "Locked! How do i get in?"

Cute Giana : "Some say i am cute..."

Cute Giana : "...But I can feel the punk in me"

Page 14 "Level up!"Edit

Episode 14 Level Up!
Cute Giana : "Let's see, what is in here..."

Cute Giana : "Hm..."

Cute Giana : "Sometimes my life seems like a videogame!"

Page 15 "Kidnapped!"Edit

Episode 15 Kidnapped!
Cute Giana : "What happening when i step through this portal?"

Cute Giana : "AAAHH!"

Maria : "Kidnapped by a dragon monster! I hope Giana can catch up..."

Maria : "Hey! I said catch up! Not pass!"

Page 16 "Free fall!"Edit

Episode 16 Free Fall!
Cute Giana : "Darn! This flight is turning into a fall!"

Cute Giana : "Hey! Red gems!"

Punk Giana : "Mighty punk power!"

Punk Giana : "Oh yea, the fall become an attack!"

Page 17 "Owl'd School!"Edit

Episode 17 Owl'd School!
Red owl : "Again : the blond is our enemy!"

Red owl : "The blond can turn into a redhead..."

Red owl : "...And she is coming to save the green haired! Got it?"

Green owl : "Isn't the redhead trying to save the blond?"

Blue owl : "Wait! There is a green haired girl?"

Red owl : "I give up!"

Page 18 "Invincible!"Edit

Episode 18 Invincible!
Blue owl : "This helmet makes me invincible!"

Green owl : "I don't believe it!"

Blue owl : "Try it!"

Green owl : "Hey, you're right! It work!"

Page 19 "Pitch black!"Edit

Episode 19 Pitch Black!
Punk Giana : "Crashed! Where am i?"

Blue owl : "In the dreary domain of Hansel and Gretel!"

Punk Giana : "Hey, who are you?"

Blue owl : "Ah, your sister? Yay, you finally saved me!"

Blue owl : "It worth a try!"

Punk Giana : "Just you wait!"

Page 20 "PSN release!!"Edit

Episode 20 PSN RELEASE!!
Punk Giana : "I'm going to get you!"

Blue owl : "Oh magic gem, save me grom this punk!"

Blue demon : "Ha ha! Now i am a mighty devil and you are small and cute!"

Cute Giana : "Cute, but hardcore!"

Page 21 "Two sides!"Edit

Episode 21 Two Sides!
Punk Giana : "Giana! Change into me! I am strong!"

Cute Giana : "Okay!"

Punk Giana : "Oh yea! Let's do this!"

Punk Giana : "How i do get outta here?"

Cute Giana : "He he, guess it's my turn again!"

Punk Giana : "Having two sides can be tricky!"

Page 22 "The twist!"Edit

Episode 22 The Twist!
Cute Giana : "Twirl!"

Cute Giana : "Aah! I'm falling!"

Punk Giana : "Now i take over!"

Punk Giana : "Dash!"

Punk Giana : "Invincible by twist!"

Cute Giana : "Exaclty!"

Page 23 "Giana heading forward!"Edit

Episode 23 Giana heading forward!
Green owl : "With this trap, i will take Giana out!"

Blue owl : "Cool!"

Green owl : "Here she comes!"

Blue owl : "HOO HOOOOO!"

Green owl : "Ehmm, looks like that's the trigger, not the trap!"

Page 24Edit

Episode 24
Punk Giana : "Man, i have got to get outta this cave and save Maria!"

Punk Giana : "Wow, is this the exit??"

Punk Giana : "A monster is probably lurking behind there!"

Hansel : "Define 'behind'!"

Punk Giana : "Oh Shucks!"

Page 25Edit

Episode 25
Hansel : "What brings you to my domain?"

Punk Giana : "I'm looking for my sis Maria! A dragon took her!"

Hansel : "I understand, i have been looking for my sister for a very loog time..."

Hansel : "I can hear her, but cannot find her! Gretel? Gretel?"

Gretel : "Hansel?"

Hansel : "Gretel?"

Punk Giana : "You guys are extremly nearsighted aren't you?"

Page 26 "Gems! Again!"Edit

Episode 26 Gems! Again!
Punk Giana : "Could you show me the way out of this cave?"

Hansel : "Gladly! But we can barely see!"

Punk Giana : "I can help with that!"

Hansel : "Wow! you glow beautufully just like a gem..."

Gretel : "We devour gems!"

Punk Giana : "Drat!"

Page 27 "A little help!"Edit

Episode 27 A Little Help!
Punk Giana : "Dash!"

Punk Giana : "Nope, that's not gonna work!"

Gretel : "But with a little help..."

Page 28 "Retro stories!"Edit

Episode 28 Retro Stories!
Punk Giana : "That worm is invincible!"

Blue owl : "Back in the day he was just a small creature..."

Blue owl : "...But along came a girl who used poser up balls to alter herself!"

Blue owl : "Then one day he swallowed such a ball..."

Blue owl : "...And became the monster you see today!"

Punk Giana : "He he, i love retro stories!"

Page 29Edit

Episode 29
Cute Giana : "I finally know how to defeat the worm!"

Cute Giana : "Cmon baby..."

Punk Giana : "Twist and..."

Punk Giana : "...Shout!"

Page 30Edit

Episode 30
Giana : "Yes, the worm is toast!!"

Giana : "Oh no, it was just another dream!"

Giana : "Wait... Where is Maria?!"

Giana : "Hold on, Maria! I will return and save you!"

Page 31Edit

Episode 31
Punk Giana : "I need more speed!"

Punk Giana : "Owl speed!"

Page 32Edit

Episode 32
Red owl : "Owls are invincible!"

Green owl : "Hozzah!"

Red owl : "Stop that girl!"

Green owl : "She has an owl! She's invincible!"

Page 33Edit

Episode 33
Red owl : "We're going to smash into the wall!"

Punk Giana : "No worries..."

Cute Giana : "...I've got an airbag!"

Page 34Edit

Episode 34
Cute Giana : "When vewed from abive, everything seems to be so small and peaceful..."

Gurglewocky : "You're absolutely right!"

Page 35Edit

Episode 35
Cute Giana : "You kidnapped my sister, and i will rescue her!"

Gurglewocky : "You have to pass me, first!"

Punk Giana : "Okay!"

Gurglewocky : "I didn't see that coming..."


  • The most used Giana's side is her Punk side.
  • There was a mistake in the comic. The owls don't turn into a demon when Punk Giana twist into Cute Giana. it happened in page 29 and page 33.
  • Many lines use the exclamation point.
  • The name of the page refer to a word from the page.
  • In page 31, the art style has changed. Punk Giana have the in-game style (same for Cute Giana) and Gurglewocky is more detailed.
    • The owl has also changed, but very singly.
  • In the first page, an yellow owl appeared in the background. But he never appeared again.
  • The first 4 pages have an alternative page, which there the same, but feature more stuff.
  • The green poster in Giana and Maria's bedroom make a reference to Black Forest Games logo.