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Giana Sisters 2D
The game logo.
Release 2012 (first release)
October 23th, 2015 (Steam release)
Genre Platform
Number of player 1
Developer(s) Kaasa Solution
Publisher(s) HandyGames, Black Forest Games
Engine used Unity
Platform(s) iPhone, iPad, Android, OUYA, Windows
Giana Sisters 2D (formerly Giana Sisters Facebook) is a HD remake of Giana Sisters DS first released in 2012 and then rereleased in 2015 on Steam. It's was developed by Kaasa Solution and edited by HandyGames and Black Forest Games.


The gameplay is the same as Giana Sisters DS. The game contains over 80 levels to be explored for hitting blocks, collecting diamonds, finding secrets and completing levels. The world map allows the stages to be replayed after being completed.

Unlike the original game, it doesn't have the microphone abilities. Also the remade 32 levels from The Great Giana Sisters can be played in the beginning of the game instead of being unlockable.


The game got 118 evaluations with 68% of positive feedbacks and 32% of negative feedbacks on Steam. The game is known to have many flaw such as having hitbox problems, graphic glitches and collision bugs. However, the only positive feedbacks was about the HD graphics and musics.

Video trailer[]


Giana Sisters 2D - Steam Launch Trailer


  • There was a typo in the Steam page. The developer name is spelled "Kasaa Solution" which is in fact "Kaasa Solution".
  • The OUYA port have an extra world which contains new levels that weren't in the original DS version.

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