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Giana Sisters DS
the box art of the game (North American version)
Release April 3, 2009 (EU)
August 2009 (AU)
February 22, 2011 (USA)
Genre Platform
Number of player 1 player
Developer(s) Spellbound Entertainment
Publisher(s) DTP Entertainment (EU)
Destineer (NA)
Designer(s) Severin Brettmeister,
Jean-Marc Haessig,
Christian Wild,
Alex Pierschel (Art)
Composer(s) Chris Hülsbeck (Original),
Fabian Del Priore
Engine used BitEngineDS (Nintendo DS)
Platform(s) Nintendo DS
Giana Sisters DS is the second official sequel in the Giana Sisters series, although it may be also seen as a remake. It is a platform game developed by Spellbound Entertainment and available for the Nintendo DS. There's also a HD port called "Giana Sisters 2D" for the iPhone, iPad, Android devices, OUYA and Windows systems via Steam. It is now owned by Black Forest Games following Spellbound's defunct status in 2012 and ownership is shared between the studio and THQ Nordic. Giana Sisters DS was also Armin Gessert's last game.


From the manual:

Giana is a young girl who fell asleep one evening while admiring her precious treasure chest. As she fell into a deep sleep, magical powers emerged from the treasure chest, bathing Giana's bedroom in a brilliantly bright light. Vibrating with mystical energy, the treasure chest fell off the bed with a crash. The lid flew open. Giana's sparkling blue diamonds spilled out of the treasure chest and disappeared into a deep, black hole.

Giana, awakened by the light (and the noise), leaped off the bed and followed her prized diamonds into the darkness. She suddenly found herself in a magical world. Giana's diamonds were scattered all about her. She started to collect her diamonds and then decided to find out more about the secret of her magic treasure chest. You guide Giana through her biggest adventure and help her explore this strange dream. Or is not that all a dream?


Giana Sisters DS contains over 80 levels to be explored for hitting blocks, collecting diamonds, finding secrets and completing levels. Despite having the same gameplay as The Great Giana Sisters and its similarity of Super Mario Bros., it has a new touch screen and microphone abilities allowing Giana to use various gadgets.

Unlike it previous game, the number of power-ups has been reduced. The Fire Wheel is the only recurring power-up and also merged to the Lightning (which mean if Giana collect a Fire Wheel, she will be able to breaks blocks and shoots fire balls). The Soda Bottle and the Bubble Gum are the new objects which are called "gadgets" that can be collected throught a vending machine instead of Bonus Blocks.

The world map allows the stages to be replayed after being completed. It also contains an unlockable level as a remake of all of the levels from The Great Giana Sisters.


The Dream World consists of over 9 worlds. All of them have 9 normal levels and 1 bonus level. World 1 is a grass plain world, World 3, 6 and 7 are more snowy, while World 4 takes place on lakes and small islands. As of World 2 and 5, it takes inside mountains (cave levels). Lastly, World 8 is a volcanic world.

Bonus levels are unlockable levels with a heavenly style, except for the world 8 bonus, which is a remake of the original Commodore 64 game. Updated versions of these original levels are scattered through World 1 to 6 as well. The brand new levels are more complex and original in their level design, as all of them have exploration and occasional right-to-left and vertical progression as well.

At the end of the levels a flag awaits which is blue, but appear red if the player collected all the required red diamonds. The levels have various settings: overworld, rainy, mountain (that appear overworld-like or snow-like), snow, cave, castle (night time or in daytime), lake (that appear overworld-like as well), hell and sky.

Levels also include a time limit and various checkpoints in them. The checkpoint represents a potted flower, while the timer is always set to 300, except for the infernal levels, which are set to 666. There are secret levels as well in the game. Some of them can be reached by hitting hidden blocks, like in the original game, while a world (more precisely World 9) that contain 2 extra levels that can be unlocked if the player complete the game without seeing the Game Over screen.

Click "Show maps" to reveal level maps.

World 1[]

World 2[]

World 3[]

World 4[]

World 5[]

World 6[]

World 7[]

World 8[]

World 9[]

Retro levels[]



The game marked the return of Armin Gessert to the famous title he created in 1987. It was developed by German-based developer Spellbound Interactive. The graphics and artwork was provided by German illustration artist Alex "Pikomi" Pierschel. The music is based on Chris Hülsbeck's compositions from the original game and was arranged by Fabian DelPriore. The game's executive producer was Armin Gessert, the man who programmed The Great Giana Sisters. Manfred Trenz and Chris Hülsbeck got an additional thanks in the game credits.


The game was released in Europe by DTP Entertainment in April 2009. Later that year, it saw a release in Australia as well. In February 2011, the game was made available in North America by publisher Destineer through online outlets.



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