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Cut Contents

This is the Cut Content of Giana Sisters DS.

Unused Sprites[]

The collision test tileset that doesn't lead to any existing collision tilesets. The collision test tileset for the sky levels. The collision test tileset for the cave levels. The collision test tileset for the castle levels. The collision test tileset for the overworld and snow levels.
Several collision test tilesets can be found in the game's files. Each one leads to their respective used collision tilesets. However, the first one (which is called "test_coll_gpc") doesn't lead to any existing collision tilesets, which make it completely unused. As for the rest, they respectively connected to each level variations : sky, cave, castle and overworld.

Legend : Black = no collisions. Red = collisions. Green = slopes. Blue = waters.

A work in progress title screen. The graphics object look similar to the graphics from the Commodore 64 port of The Great Giana Sisters. In the bottom left corner of the picture, it reads "confidential version".
A level marker that probably meant to be used to show a level being locked.
A ring for the teleporter. Unknown use.
An unused popping bubble gum tile that can be found the graphic files of Giana and Punk Giana.
A map screen tip. Unlike the other tips, the border doesn't animate. Also the flags are cut off. There is no text either in the French and Italian version, but there is in the Spanish and German version.
The Spanish version of the tip from above. The text written here is the same from the level completed tip, only showing the first line.
The German version of the tip and it has the real description of the tip. This is what its says :
German version
Translated into English
Du hast ein Etappenziel erreicht. Solltest du einmal alle Leben verlieren, wirst du auf das zuletzt gespielte Ettappenziel zurückgesetzt.
You have reached a milestone. If ever you lose all of your lives, you will be reset to the stage goal you last played.

Unused Palettes[]

In every palette files of main tilesets, there is an unused palette line that is used as a green variant for the diamonds. This palette can only perfectly fit to the diamonds and not other objects. This is how the diamonds look like with the unused palette :Greendiamond.gif Greenbigdiamond.gif
Nat gras red gp.png Nat gras red bg.png Nat gras red fr.png
A palette that would give an overworld level a reddish variant. This palette also makes the clouds and escalator pillar pitch black. This would have probably been used for mountain levels.

Unused Levels[]


The level has some similarities with level 8-5; both have similar platforms on the top-left of the level and level exits blocked by bricks. The level seems to be completed and ready to be added into the game, unlike Castle08. Why this level went unused is unknown, but probably because of being too similar to other levels.


This one seems to be a WIP, as it lacks many details. It's unused is probably because of being leftover or being unfinished from time constraints. The level is obviously short, but has some difficulty. Strangely, it doesn't contain an exit flag, but has an exit trigger inside the tower.

Missing levels[]

The game is missing files for Boss_map01, Mount04, Mount08, Sky02 and Sky04, as can be seen through the levels list :

Click "Show list" to reveal levels list.
boss_map02 (World 2 Boss)
boss_map03 (World 3 Boss)
boss_map04 (World 4 Boss)
boss_map05 (World 5 Boss)
boss_map06 (World 6 Boss)
boss_map07 (World 7 Boss)
boss_map08 (8-9 (Final level))
castle01 (8-1)
castle02 (8-4)
castle03 (4-9)
castle04 (8-2)
castle05 (7-9)
castle06 (unused)
castle07 (8-5)
castle08 (unused)
castle09 (9-2)
cave01 (5-4)
cave02 (6-5)
cave03 (5-5)
cave04 (3-3)
cave05 (7-8)
classic01 (1-2)
classic02 (2-4)
classic03 (5-3)
classic04 (2-5)
classic05 (1-3)
classic06 (2-3)
classic07 (5-8)
classic08 (3-2)
classic09 (1-5)
classic10 (4-1)
classic11 (5-6)
classic12 (3-7)
classic13 (4-5)
classic14 (3-8)
classic15 (4-2)
classic16 (3-4)
classic17 (2-6)
classic18 (2-7)
classic19 (2-2)
classic20 (2-9)
classic21 (5-9)
classic22 (1-8)
classic23 (5-7)
classic24 (1-9)
classic25 (4-6)
classic26 (5-1)
classic27 (6-1)
classic28 (4-8)
classic29 (5-2)
classic30 (6-9)
classic31 (4-7)
classic32 (3-9)
classic_start (8-10)
classicmode01 (Stage 1)
classicmode02 (Stage 2)
classicmode03 (Stage 3)
classicmode04 (Stage 4)
classicmode05 (Stage 5)
classicmode06 (Stage 6)
classicmode07 (Stage 7)
classicmode08 (Stage 8)
classicmode09 (Stage 9)
classicmode10 (Stage 10)
classicmode11 (Stage 11)
classicmode12 (Stage 12)
classicmode13 (Stage 13)
classicmode14 (Stage 14)
classicmode15 (Stage 15)
classicmode16 (Stage 16)
classicmode17 (Stage 17)
classicmode18 (Stage 18)
classicmode19 (Stage 19)
classicmode20 (Stage 20)
classicmode21 (Stage 21)
classicmode22 (Stage 22)
classicmode23 (Stage 23)
classicmode24 (Stage 24)
classicmode25 (Stage 25)
classicmode26 (Stage 26)
classicmode27 (Stage 27)
classicmode28 (Stage 28)
classicmode29 (Stage 29)
classicmode30 (Stage 30)
classicmode31 (Stage 31)
classicmode32 (Stage 32)
classicmode_boss (Stage 33 (Boss))
giana_start (The level before level 1-1)
grass01 (1-1)
grass02 (1-4)
grass03 (1-6)
grass04 (2-1)
grass05 (7-2)
grass06 (6-2)
grass07 (1-7)
hell01 (8-3)
hell02 (8-6)
hell03 (8-7)
hell04 (8-8)
hell05 (9-1)
intro_day (Title screen during daytime/X-1)
intro_day_red (Title screen during daytime with red dieamonds)
intro_easter (Title screen during Easter)
intro_ghosts (Title screen during Halloween)
intro_night (Title screen during night time)
intro_night_red (Title screen during night time with red diamonds)
lake01 (4-3)
lake02 (4-4)
lake03 (6-3)
mount01 (2-8)
mount02 (6-8)
mount03 (7-4)
mount05 (3-1)
mount06 (7-3)
mount07 (7-1)
mount09 (6-4)
sky01 (3-10)
sky03 (2-10)
sky05 (1-10)
sky06 (4-10)
sky07 (5-10)
sky08 (6-10)
sky09 (7-10)
snow01 (3-5)
snow02 (3-6)
snow03 (6-6)
snow04 (7-7)
snow05 (7-5)
snow06 (6-7)
snow07 (X-2)
snow08 (7-6)

the removal of those levels were probably because of being in excess. Strangely enough, Castle06 and Castle08, the two unused level, weren't removed. Maybe the game was supposed to have more levels than it got in the final release. Those levels were probably the levels from the extra world in the OUYA port of Giana Sisters 2D, but there is no confirmation for now. As of Boss_map01, maybe World 1 meant to have a boss level like the others.

Areas hidden by layers[]

There is few areas that are hidden by layers.

Seen Background 2 disabled

The blue ground used as ground, wall and ceiling are hidden by black tiles to give illusion of total darkness. The sign is part of Background 2.

Seen Background 2 disabled

Like for the previous, the walls are hidden by black tiles to give illusion of total darkness. Oddly enough, the wall that surrounds the Eyeball enemies use the same palette of the red diamond.

Seen Background 0 and 1 disabled

In the result screen, the level previously played will be hidden first by a black screen then the blue interface, which also use he same palette and making it looks very odd.

Unused Sound Effect[]

A fire sound effect of some kind.

Regional Differences[]

Game icons[]

The game icon is different between the Europe and American version of the game.

Europe American

The EU version appears to be Cute Giana's first idle animation frame without background. As of the US version, its appear to be Punk Giana's first idle animation frame, but with a blue background and grass in the bottom.

Splash screens[]

The splash screens are different between the Europe and American version of the game. Two were left unchanged, two others have been changed and two others have been added.

Europe American









The SpellBound and DTP Entertainment AG splash screens were left unchanged. As for the "Licensed by Nintendo" splash screens, the font and color were changed and the Nintendo logo was added. The Bitfield splash screen was split in two, one for "Developed by Bitfield" and another one "Powered by Bitengine". The Destinner splash screen was added since the American version was published by it said publisher.

Altered Contents[]

In December 6, 2008, PC Action published a trailer video of the game which include several contents that were altered in the final game.

1-1 level[]

Two store blocks has been removed, the sign has been added and the four brick has been removed.

Early Final

1-4 level[]

The ground has been moved on a lower place, the diamond sign has been added and the first two bonus blocks has been moved in a higher place.

Early Final

1-6 level[]

The blocks that form a stairs has been singly improved.

Early Final

2-2 level[]

In the beginning of the level, a Eyeball has been added in the platform that contains many diamonds.

2-9 level[]

In the beginning of the level, the wall has been changed in a smaller size and a store block has been added. The two Spiky Balls has been removed, the empty block on the top has been replaced by bonus blocks and two big diamonds has been added. A bit far, the checkpoint has been changed place. A bit far again, the first platform has been singly moved in a lower place.

Early Final

3-5 level[]

The Soda Bottle vending machine has been added as well as diamonds besides it.

Early Final

Early Checkpoint sound effect[]

The checkpoint sound effect has a early version found in the trailer.

Early Final

Bee Killer sound effects[]

In the trailer, the Killer Bee uses the same sound effects of the Eyeball and the broken brick sound. In the final release, it has it own sound effect.

Early Final


2018-08-30 181850.png
We can find the word "oben" left in the foreground tileset of snow levels. "Oben" mean "above" in German. This word probably indicate those snow tileset are used as a ceiling object and not a ground object.

In level X-1, the spikes strangely doesn't kill Giana when she lands on.