Giana Sisters J2ME Title Screen

The title screen

Giana Sisters J2ME is a J2ME port of The Great Giana Sisters developed by Mobile Gangsters in 2006 with authorized permission from Spellbound Studios. It can only be used in feature phones.

Plot Edit

One night, little Giana from Milano has been sleeping deeply and has a strange dream. She is suddenly in a mysterious world where everything is different. Gravity is not as usual and she sometimes feels as if she can fly. There are some odd figures and structures all over. Abandoned castles and old grots seem to keep many secret treasures. To get out of this world she has to find the giant diamond. At the end Giana is not alone in this adventure, her little sister Maria is dreaming as well...

Giana Sisters 2 Edit

Another sequel of this game developed by Mobile Gangsters. Like Giana Sisters J2ME, it uses the same game engine, but it has newer levels.

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Trivia Edit

  • Unlike the original, it doesn't contain multiplayer and allows the player to pick Giana or Maria in singleplayer mode