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Hansel and Gretel
Model for hansel+gretel.jpeg
Their appearance
Race Worm
Gender Male (Hansel)
Female (Gretel)
Eyes color Brown (Hansel)
Blue (Gretel)
Debut Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams
Voice Actor Unknown
Hansel and Gretel (Ouroboros Bicephalus) is the first boss in Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams. They're the Dream World counterpart of the kids that bullied Giana.


It appears to be a two headed worm, one head is female, has a pink color and is named Gretel, the other is male that has a blue colored head who is named Hansel.


The male head seems to be more active than the female head, being the one who makes rocks fall onto Giana. Hansel and Gretel has 3 HP. When the moving platform is below the boss, the player must twist in the right moment to bring out a spike and damaging Hansel and Gretel. When defeated, it lies limp on the ground, while diamonds pour out of it.



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