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The first Giana Sisters DS custom level

The first Giana Sisters DS custom level

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About Giana Sisters

Giana Sisters is a video game serie debuted in 1987. It's was owned by Time Warp Productions, Spellbound Interactive and currently owned by Black Forest Games. In those game, you play as Giana, an italian little girl that must leave from her crazy dream world.
The serie has four official games : The first one is The Great Giana Sisters, released on many computer machine and known for being similare to the famous Super Mario Bros. The second one is Giana Sisters DS, released on the Nintendo DS and being a remake of the previous game. The third one is Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, released on many console and having it own original gameplay with a new mechanic called the "Twist". And the last one is Giana Sisters: Dream Runners, same has the previous game, but as a 2D racing multiplayer game.
The owl was the goal

Giana Gazette

The first demo of The Great Giana's Adventure will be released soon. Go check the Super Mario Bros X forum and Wohlsoft forum for last update.


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