Race Human
Gender Female
Hair color Green
Eyes color Green
Debut Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams (modern)
Voice Actor Katie Leigh

Maria is Giana's sister. In The Great Giana Sisters, Maria is used as a second player option. In Giana Sisters DS, sadly, she's not playable. At the beginning of Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, she is pulled into the dream world and abducted by Gurglewocky. Giana follows her sister through the portal and sees Gurglewocky eat Maria whole. In the lair beneath his keep, Giana defeats the dragon and retrieves her sister from the depths of Gurglewocky's bowels and returning home with their diamonds.


Maria look very much like Giana. She has short green hair, just reaching her shoulders. She wears a red dress and wears red wrist bands. She wears white and red shoes.


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