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The Great Giana Sisters (Commodore Vic-20) is a unofficial port of The Great Giana Sisters for the Vic-20 made by trsi64 in 2010. The port is still unfinished today, which probably mean the project was cancelled.


As mentioned before, the game is still incomplete. What the player can only do is looking through levels. Giana and the enemies aren't still implemented, the timer stuck to 42, levels 28-33 is still missing and there is no musics.



Vic20 giana sisters. scrolling 27 levels...


  • Oddly enough, the sprites pallets are similar of those from Giana Family. However, the brown color appears more red.
  • trsi64 made another video of the port that include early footage. There is not much difference except :
    • The stage number stay at 1.
    • In the beginning of stage 2, two diamonds are missing and the background is blue instead of black.
    • The levels aren't scrolling.

The Great GIANA SISTERS port

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